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25 Years of MAMA or How I Grew up in Turkey

“Do you miss the past as if nothing bad ever happened when younger, regardless of where you were or what you were doing? Wouldn’t it be super cool if you and I ran into each other wearing our cargo pants at the Hard Pop Book Launch during the summer when Modjo’s Lady became a huge hit?”

When team member and editor Dicle Gülşahin joined MAMA a few years ago, she was asked to rummage through its digital archive. Inspired by her journey through MAMA’s history, Dicle got caught up in the past twenty-some years of her own; it became clear that growing up as a teen in Turkey had clashing connotations with enjoying and celebrating culture in Rotterdam. Her research culminated in a segment that was aired on Radio MAMA in June 2021, and now she welcomes you to experience her journey through time with her in the form of a video podcast (or vodcast).

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