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Beyond Fragile Limits

Beyond Fragile Limits is Ki.off’s first solo expo in The Netherlands.
We are happy to invite you into her world, through this photography exploration she is sharing her vision via a lens.

“Beyond Fragile Limits” is a photo exhibition that captures the essence of the photographer’s daily experiences and surroundings. It is a visual and audio experience that conveys the true beauty of people and their fragile souls. The storytelling in the photography showcases diverse backgrounds. This project is a tribute to the community and to those who have stepped beyond their limits to express themselves and keep the community together.

“Beyond Fragile Limits” is a photo exhibition exploring the psychological and economic challenges many face on their journey. It addresses social inequality, economic pressures and the lack of government support for the arts, which contribute to community breakdown. Through this exhibition, the artist documents the lives of those around her and celebrates a community that steps above these fragile limits. More info