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Dissolution in sleep and death

In “Dissolution in sleep and death,” the latest edition of The Dialogue Room, Anke Bangma talks to artist Daniela de Paulis about the limits of human consciousness.

“I’m especially interested in the moment when we lose our self-awareness—the moment, as you are about to fall to sleep when your thoughts start shredding away and become deformed. Following on from ‘COGITO in Space’ I’m working towards a performance piece called ‘Mare Incognito’, where my brainwaves will be sent into space while I fall to sleep. One of the researchers I collaborate with on this project told me that in the process of falling asleep some people perceive their bodies as becoming very small, shrunk to the tiny size of a pea, or very large, inflated to the size of a planet. So, as we fall asleep, the brain enters a new stage.” Read more!