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Kunstavond Radio: Episode 4

In the fourth episode of the Kunstavond Radio (Listen live at 9 pm CEST):

WORM presents The power of unheard voices | Endangered language and performance art. Featuring Rotterdam-based Curator Nia Konstantinova & Artist Natalia Papaeva. Curator Nia Konstantinova invites Syberian Artist Natalia Papaeva for a talk. We will listen to 3 of Natalia’s performances and have a conversation about the importance of language and soundscapes in her work. We will ask: What brought Natalia back to her endangered mother tongue Buryat? How reconnecting to her language has influenced her work? How does she use repetition and rhythm as conceptual tools? What are her techniques to influence the emotions of the viewer?

CBK Rotterdam presents the series De Gedroomde Stad. In this series, Rotterdam artists talk about their favorite work in the city, the relationship with their own work, and are also asked about their dreams and desires for the city.