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In the fifth episode of the Kunstavond Radio (Listen live at 9 pm CEST):
TENT presents: How do we want to live? What alternatives are there to the dominant forms of ownership and market-driven housing policies, at a time when space is becoming scarcer and more expensive and citizens are being pushed out of their homes? Fucking Good Art is an editorial art project by Robert Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma, which revolves around oral history, counterculture, self-organization and DIT-do it together.
MAMA present: In the past year we have all learned some new vocabulary. From guilt-tripping, to gaslighting, from love bombing to blame-shifting, techniques of emotional manipulation became easily digestible in bite-sized social media posts and tik tok videos. Popular culture from movies to music has been propagating what is now described as narcissistic behavior. This evening MAMA will chronicle your average toxic relationship through exploring some of these terms and their effects through popular music.