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Start 7 pm: Join us for the first re-vamped online Manifest: Animation Show & Tell!

Very happy to have Bryan Newton join us from LA to talk about an animation he finds inspiring: Bryan Newton is a director in television animation. He’s been in the industry for 16 years as a designer, storyboard artist, animatic editor, and Flash animator, which has taken him from working at Moonscoop Productions (formerly Mike Young Productions) through most of the major television animation studios like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Most notably he directed four seasons of “Rick and Morty”, including its pilot episode, one season of “Teen Titans Go”, and was the storyboard supervisor on HBO Max’s new show “Tig N’ Seek.”

What will we talk about? Clue: it’s an anime music video from 2006!

LIVESTREAM LINK HERE –> https://vimeo.com/event/353758