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KUNSTBLOCK TIP tonight at 8 pm: a special program at WORM Rotterdam with music by Mart Avi and Lucidvox. Use the code KOMT while getting a ticket at the WORM desk, and pay € 7.50 instead of € 10!

The remarkable Mart Avi is one of the most talked about enigmas in modern popular music. Hiding in plain sight, Avi is a polymath, basketball fan and soul boy rolled into one. His unique take on modern urban pop has drawn many comparisons. Echoes of Billy MacKenzie, Marvin Gaye and Shuggie Otis do battle with the likes of N.E.R.D. and the smoothest hip hop. A true child of post-genre, Avi hooks up neo-glam aesthetics with unmapped sound territories for an age yet to come, playing around with his persona: real or imagined, on or offline.

Alongside Shortparis and Glintshake, Moscow’s Lucidvox are one of the most celebrated bands to come out of the exciting New Wave of Russian music. This mercurial band incorporate psych, folk rock and punk in a fiery and seemingly ever-changing live show. Archangel’s Thunderbirds crash landing in the Netherlands. They draw on a huge range of influences, including briliant C19th Russian illustrator Ivan Bilibin.