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The Embarrassment of SUCKCESS

Mark your calendar! Friday 26 February 5 pm (CET) / 11 am (EST), a special event @printedmatter_artbookfairs #PMVABF New York and you do not have to leave your house!
A talk in an exhibition becomes a poster, a painting is turned into a silkscreen, the poster becomes a life-size model for a new painting, an essay is cut up in four parts, the splashings of a male action painter are changed into female readymades, a children’s drawing is xeroxed, a photocopy of a photocopy of paint drippings, a liquid mutates into a gesture, the poster painting now an essay, a publication, but wait…
The artist Melissa Gordon and Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, director of Kunstinstituut Melly will discuss the gestures of dropping out, the context of the exhibition, and the making of the publication, in relationship to Gordon’s working practice in the studio.
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