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The More You Think, The More You Know, The More It Happens

The More You Think, The More You Know, The More It Happens is an exhibition showcasing artists’ approaches towards wellness, (self-)soothing and care, and their commodification. It departs from the shared struggle to find healing tactics in the conditions of being constantly expected to do so, often giving the opposite result of negative feedback loops (common examples include thinking about not thinking or insomnia induced by the necessity to fall asleep). The artworks in this exhibition explore the tension between the desire to heal or resolve oneself and the resistance against doing so. Such friction may stem from our natural tendency to question imposed ideas as a form of self-preservation or act as an escape from profit-driven systems that exploit our positive and proactive attitudes. In a world where ‘not buying’ seems like the most accessible form of agency, refusal to subscribe to the concept of long-lasting satisfaction presents itself as an empowering solution.

Until the point where it’s not – because everybody wants to feel good, moreover everybody deserves to feel good, and everybody should like everybody. Presented works open an in-between area, where the need for care is welcomed, transcending the concept of permanent comfort and playing with its fetishisation. More info