beschrijving ontbreekt


WORM is verheugd om dit interview (in het Japans en Engels) te delen, in samenwerking met het Japanse NeoL-magazine, dat de tijd nam —ten tijde van zelfisolatie— om te spreken met Pirate Bay-coördinator Rae Parnell en de CEO van WORM, Janpier Brands.

Even in the most uncertain times, WORM never fails to deliver and adapt. Recently, providing zines for care packages as situations worsen for the citizens of Rotterdam, they are making the most out of these times to ensure the wellbeing of all pirates. COVID-19 has changed the game as museums, cultural institutions and initiatives have been shut down and all events that include mass crowds have been postponed. On a lighter note, the venue has changed but the party lives on because WORM has now opened up their archive for browsing to keep the weird party going even in our bedrooms.

Je kunt de antwoorden van Janpier en Rae direct daarna lezen.

Pagina één is in het Japans en pagina twee in het Engels.

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